Groundwater is our Core Business and our team has over 37 years’ experience in groundwater and the environment throughout the WA region. We have a proven track record in all forms of hydrogeology

Surface Water

Water is now more important than ever before for our environment and our changing climate. High standards & outstanding quality are the main focus of our project management & deliverables.


3D geoscience modelling has evolved in recent years with the exponential increases in computing power. Quantifying your risks and uncertainties with known scientific data is one of the most authoritative and persuasive management tools.

Contaminated Lands

Whether supporting property development, mining, industrial or landfill operations, we have the specialised and practical experience in all stages of contaminated land assessment to assist you.

Risk Assesssment

If you require a quantitative human health or environmental risk assessment, this can only be provided by a specialist. We are experienced in all forms of site-specific risk assessment, and have recently developed a state of the art human health quantitative risk assessment tool using the latest ecotoxicological studies and databases.

Spatial Analysis & GIS

Almost all business & industry data in the 21st century includes untapped spatial components. Spatial data is integrated into all of the latest communication & productivity technologies. Talk to our team about Spatial Data Solutions for your business goals.

Creating industry solutions

Hydro Solutions has 25 years experience with some of the world’s leading businesses


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