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Acid Sulfate Soils

Determining the presence and extent of Acid Sulfate Soils (ASS) at the developmental planning stage is of crucial importance in Western Australia, where these soils are prevalent. Disturbance through dewatering and/or excavation of the soil on your site creates a risk of environmental impact through oxidation & acidification.


It is therefore essential to manage and plan for potential Acid Sulfate Soils to avoid long term detrimental effects on both the environment and any financial impact on development.


Hydrosolutions offers expert & comprehensive guidance throughout all stages of Acid Sulfate Soils assessment and management. TALK TO OUR TEAM for further assistance.

  • Acid Sulfate Soils have been identified as a major potential cause of environmental impact in WA and elsewhere in Australia.
  • Western Australian regulators are now placing ASS as a high priority for their environmental requirements.
  • Early professional assessment can prevent future financial losses to your organisation.
  • Only an experienced asbestos specialist is accepted by the Department of Environment Regulation for ACM remediation.
  • If you have ACM or asbestos fibres in your soil, you may require a human health risk assessment by an environmental professional.
  • Fibrous building materials are not always easy to distinguish as asbestos by eye, and laboratory testing may be required.

  • We pride ourselves on our quality and performance in our expert assessments. Our team has specialised training in ASS.
  • We understand the appropriate regulatory and due diligence requirements for ASS.
  • We can guarantee a professional & cost-effective preliminary ASS assessment to our clients.