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Asbestos Remediation

Asbestos Containing Materials (ACM), such as building panels and fibreboard fences, can constitute a major risk to human health if disturbed during a demolition and development process. Although no longer used in construction, legacy ACM building materials are still widespread throughout Western Australia.

  • Do you know if your site has any buildings or fences that might contain ACM?
  • Are you aware of any importation of soil or fill that might contain ACM or asbestos fibres?
  • Are you sure you are qualified to handle & dispose of ACM safely?

IF YOU ARE UNSURE … Talk to our team about safe & professional assistance.

  • Only an experienced asbestos specialist is accepted by the Department of Environmental Regulation for ACM remediation.
  • If you have ACM or asbestos fibres in your soil, you may require a human health risk assessment by an environmental professional.
  • Fibrous building materials are not always easy to distinguish as asbestos by eye, and laboratory testing may be required.

  • Our staff have extensive experience in asbestos assessment and remediation, and HydroSolutions maintains corporate-level Safe Work Procedures regarding contaminant handling & disposal.
  • Our in-house Contaminated Sites Auditor has audited dozens of site developments involving Department of Health asbestos guidelines.
  • Give yourself peace of mind & remove the risks from your environmental investigation.