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Projects – Contaminated Sites Assessment

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AUSTRALIAN NATIONAL RAILWAYS: Pre-divestiture audit, rail facilities on the Eyre peninsula, SA
BHP BILLITON IRON ORE PTY LTD: Environmental audit of Pilbara Iron Ore operations
DELOITTE, TOUCHE TOMATSU: Appraisal of aluminium smelting works, Slovak Republic
DEPARTMENT OF DEFENSE: Contaminated Site Audit
Department of Housing & Works: Quattro Residential Redevelopment, Queens Park, City of Canning
DOW CHEMICALS: Pre-acquisition audit, land at styrene plant
GREENWAYS LANDFILL: Pre-acquisition audit, 22 landfill sites
HOMESTAKE (now BARRICK): Environmental audit, Plutonic operations
JAMES POINT PTY LTD: Water Management, proposed harbour development
LAND DEVELOPMENT AGENCY: Residential Redevelopment of Former High School
LAND DEVELOPMENT AGENCY: CSA, Former Bunkering Terminal, Fremantle
LAND DEVELOPMENT AGENCY: CSA, Groundwater Impacts, Industrial Redevelopment, Forrestfield
LAND DEVELOPMENT AGENCY: CSA, Proposed Major Industrial Development, Kwinana
LAND DEVELOPMENT AGENCY: CSA, Proposed Residential Development, City of Belmont
OK TEDI MINES LIMITED: Water Quality Review
Private Developer: Residential redevelopment of Market Garden site, Woodvale
Private Developer: Residential redevelopment, Hocking
Private Developer: Proposed Commercial/ Industrial Development, Wangara
Private Developer: Proposed Residential Development, Southern River
TIWEST JOINT VENTURE: Water Quality Review
Private developer: Redevelopment of former garden centre for industrial use
Private developer: Residential redevelopment of a market garden, Woodvale
Private developer: Residential redevelopment of a market garden, Pearsall
Private developer: Redevelopment of former market garden & peat storage site, Stirling
Private developer: Commercial development adjacent to a putrescible landfill, Wangara
Private developer: Residential redevelopment of a former bus depot and market garden, Darch
City of Stirling: Audit of herbicide applications to surface water drainage sumps