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DEPARTMENT OF ENVIRONMENTAL PROTECTION, now Department of Environment Regulation
Geographical Information System (GIS) Study- Siting of a Class 4 (secure) landfill for low-level contaminated wastes near the Perth metropolitan area, Western Australia


A site selection & project implementation study to establish a Class 4 secure landfill to receive low-level waste was undertaken on behalf of the DEP and the Joint Government Secure Landfill Siting Committee.

A geographical information system (GIS) database was established for the area within a 120km radius of the Perth CBD, including geological hydrogeological, land-use and planning data.

Detailed exclusion, less desirable and preferred siting criteria were used to determine composite maps showing areas with development potential.

Existing void spaces from mining/ quarrying operations were examined. The most prospective sites were visited to determine the ground conditions and to make an initial appraisal of suitability and likely development costs.

Initial landfill development requirements were costed for the fifteen most highly prospective sites, based on:

-Natural of artificial containment
-Infrastructure costs
-Landfill gas (LFG) management
-Availabiltiy of development materials
-Proximity (i.e. distance) from Perth CBD
-Likely local ‘outrage’
A detailed techncial report was prepared, identifying the most prospective sites and likely development costs, with an estimated cost per cubic metre based on the identified available void.
Stuart Jeffries
Hydrosolutions Pty Ltd

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