Remediation and PSH Recovery of Diesel Contamination

Remediation and PSH Recovery of Diesel Contamination

A remediation of diesel contamination plume for an AGROCHEMICAL MANUFACTURER, Western Australia. PSH recovery was undertaken using skimmer pumps


An investigation of phase separated hydrocarbons (PSH) contamination above the water table was undertaken.
Phase separated hydrocarbons (PSH) were present due to historical waste disposal practices, including the washing of reaction vessels and effluent disposal to unlined pits.

The extent and apparent thickness of the PSH was determined through the construction of monitoring piezometers.

Groundwater modelling was undertaken to identify the optimum location for PSH recovery bores, and also for re-injection bores for the disposal of separated groundwater.

Recovery and re-injection bores were constructed and recovery operations were commenced using a downhole skimmer pump.
Recovered oil was pumped to a surface storage tank for off-site disposal.

Recovered groundwater was treated through an oil-water separator and stilling chamber prior to re-injection.

Stuart Jeffries
Hydrosolutions Pty Ltd

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