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Services – Remediation


Remediation is the process of eliminating or reducing to an acceptable level, the risk due to exposure of a receptor to a contaminant.  Remediation is needed where a contaminant concentration exceeds a defined safe-threshold, such that it represents an unacceptable risk of an adverse reaction in an exposed population, environment or environmental value; this is determined through a Risk Assessment.


Remediation can involve the following:


  • In-situ treatment to change/ amend the contaminant to a (more) benign form
  • Ex-situ treatment though removal & off-site treatment, with possible return to site
  • Soil vapour extraction, with filtration or destruction via flaring-off
  • Dig-&-dump, via excavation, removal & off-site disposal, with validation & reinstatement
  • Contaminated groundwater in-situ treatment, pumped recovery & treatment or disposal
  • Containment via e.g. Encapsulation, soil-cover, warning-layer, or other physical barrier
  • Monitored Natural Attenuation, feasibility & implementation
  • Administrative Management: e.g. restriction of access to an intractable site.
  • Investigation, monitoring, modelling, risk assessment
  • Risk characterisation, communication & management
  • Design of remedial programs
  • Remedial implementation & management.
  • Liaison with regulatory agencies/ approvals/ reporting.
  • We have designed and implemented several remedial programs in WA
  • We offer a full-range of consultancy services for contaminated sites, from investigation, monitoring, modelling & risk assessment to remediation/ management & on-going maintenance.
  • We have an in-house multidisciplinary team supported by external technical specialists.
  • We pride ourselves in providing high-quality, technically-defensible, pragmatic and cost-effective solutions to our Clients, which can be readily accepted by Regulator/s.