Services – Risk Assessment

Risk Assessment

The process of Risk Assessment characterises the nature & magnitude of risk/s associated with environmental hazards.


Risk is the likelihood that an adverse outcome will occur to a receptor exposed to a certain dose or concentration of a contaminant within a given timeframe.


If you need a quantitative assessment of risks to human health or the environment of a hazard or contaminant, you will require the assistance of a specialist, who can:

  • perform a source-pathway-receptor analysis to define the exposure of the receptors to the contaminants.
  • enact the regulatory guidelines on site-specific risk assessment, exposure assessment, and eco-toxicology.
  • understand the risk management process, whereby unacceptable risks are managed through, for instance, remediation within an appropriate timeframe.


If you require Remediation of your asset, we are qualified to assist you with:

  • reducing the actual or potential environmental threat, and;
  • reducing unacceptable risk to man, animals & the environment to acceptable levels.
  • Qualitative: source-pathway-receptor analysis, likelihood-consequence matrices
  • Quantitative: probabilistic and return period analysis
  • NEPM Tier 1/2/3 assessments
  • Human Health site-specific exposure analysis
  • Ecological assessments (NEPM 2013 site-specific EILs/EALs)
  • Bioavailability
  • Fate & transport modelling (MT3D/ RT3D/ Density & heat-coupled/ Bioscreen/ MARs2D/ 3D/ @Risc etc
  • Monitored Natural Attenuation (MNA)
  • Risk characterisation, communication & management
  • We are experienced in the application of risk assessment techniques for environmental management
  • We offer a full-range of consultancy services for contaminated sites, from investigation, monitoring, modelling & risk assessment to remediation/ management & on-going maintenance.
  • We have an in-house multidisciplinary team supported by external technical specialists.
  • We pride ourselves in providing high-quality, technically-defensible, pragmatic and cost-effective solutions to our Clients, which may be readily accepted by Regulator/s.