Site Remediation projects – HydroSolutions

Site Remediation projects – HydroSolutions

The Site Remediation projects – HydroSolutions has undertaken (et. al.) are described in the follownig section.

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Remedial management of a site is necessary where the presence of a contaminant (a polluting or poisonous substance or energy that makes something impure and potentially hazardous; i.e. a SOURCE) above a threshold concentration may represent an unacceptable risk to an exposed population (e.g. human or ecological; i.e. a RECEPTOR) via an exposure  PATHWAY (e.g. air blown/ ingestion/ direct contact etc).

HydroSolutions has designed and implemented a wide variety of contaminated land/ groundwater site remediation projects, using several remedial techniques, including pump & treat, dual-phase removal, excavation and disposal, excavation and on-site encapsulation with inert materials or in engineered landfills, and also monitored natural attenuation (MNA), in WA, and previously in the UK.  Some example projects and clients are listed; please Click on the links to see the key details for each project:

COMMONWEALTH DEPARTMENT OF DEFENCE: Environmental Restoration, NCS Harold Holt
HONG KONG ENVIRONMENTAL PROTECTION DPT : Investigation of Tsueng Kwan O Landfill, New Territories
MID KENT WATER COMPANY: Diesel spillage at groundwater PWS
PRECIOUS METAL REFINER: Monitored Natural Attenuation, metals plume
WA AGROCHEMICAL MANUFACTURER: Remediation of diesel contamination plume
WA IRON ORE MINER: Investigation & Planned Remediation of major Deisel Spillage
Chemical Manufacturing Plant: Review of Groundwater Remedial Strategy
Major Iron Ore Miner: Waste Water Treatment Plant Effluent Disposal via Spray Irrigation
Residential Development: Acceptability of Septic Tank Waste Disposal Systems
Chemical Plant: Remediation of Contamination Plume