Services – Spatial Analysis GIS – HydroSolutions

Services – Spatial Analysis GIS – HydroSolutions

Almost all business & industry data in the 21st century includes untapped spatial components. Spatial data is integrated into all of the latest communication & productivity technologies. Geographical Information Systems (GIS) allows the collation and organisation of large areally distributed datasets in a visually comprehensible way, including 3-dimensional representations of for instance geological and hydrpogeological/ groundwater data.   In addition GIS databases allow the intelligent interrogation of data to identify new relations and dependencies that may not have been apparent previously.  It also allows different datasets to be overlaid to allow the visual identification of potential conflicts or synergies. The Services – Spatial Analysis & GIS – HydroSolutions provides are described in the following section.

Our Clients have included:

  • Rio Tinto: analysis of a large diesel spillage affecting a locomotive repair/ refuelling yard
  • Department of Water and Environmental Regulation (DWER): siting of a Class IV landfill for the Perth metropolitan area;
  • BHP: contamination affecting a railcamp area, and collation of groundwater licensing data,  and;
  • Western Mining Corporation, WMC: risk assessment of land use sensitivity adjacent to a large hypersaline borefield
  • et. al.

  • Do you have data, but are not sure how to optimise its benefit to your company?
  • Does your staff use GIS software, but do not add value to the spatial data?
  • Does your organisation derive strategic intelligence from its data?

IF NOT… You need to talk to our team about Spatial Data Solutions for your business goals.

  • Convert your under-utilised data into strategic information & spatial insight.
  • Display complex information in a unified & accessible way.
  • Give your business the advantage of latest technologies – identify risks, site suitability, optimal routes, evaluate growth, forecast demand, analyse planning options.

  • We pride ourselves in producing the highest-quality, personalised solutions for each client that add value to their organisation.
  • We will listen to you – we want to understand your goals, and guide you towards the most effective use of your information systems.
  • We will apply ourselves to produce clear, cost-effective output from our collaboration.