Contaminated Site Services

Contaminated Site Services

Whether supporting property development, mining, industrial or landfill operations, we have the specialised and practical experience in all stages of contaminated site services and contaminated land assessment to assist you, including investigation, characterisation, monitoring, risk assessment, remediation, statutory reporting and ongoing management.

  • Are you selling or acquiring property for development with a potentially contaminating land use?
  • Is your site fit for purpose?
  • Are you changing your site to provide for more sensitive users?
  • Are you demolishing asbestos construction materials on your site?
  • Has there been a recent spill or impact on the environment near you?

IF SO… Our in-house team, including a former WA Contaminated Sites Auditor, understand all your regulatory requirements and maintain a strong working relationship with the regulators.

  • Contamination can cause serious environmental harm and/or risk to public health, as well as time, legal & financial constraints on your development.
  • The WA Contaminated Sites Act (2003) requires you to report any known or suspected contamination on your site.
  • A site with a planning restriction may require a mandatory audit for the DWER.

  • We pride ourselves on our quality and performance in our expert assessments. Our team is highly experienced in contaminated site investigation, risk assessment, and management & remediation.
  • Health & Safety & Environment and Quality Assurance is of utmost importance to us, but at no added expense to our clients.
  • Our principal consultant has 12 years’ experience as a former WA Accredited Contaminated Sites Auditor from 2006-2018.


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Contaminated Site Services