GIS Projects HydroSolutions

GIS Projects HydroSolutions

GIS tools allow the organisation, visualisation and comprehension of large areally distributed data sets.  Intelligent interrogation of that data can identify relations between data sets that were not previoulsy apparent.  HydroSolutions GIS projects are described below.  We have used Geographical Information System (GIS) tools on a large number of projects to illustrate data and issues, to create interrogable databases for a number of clients.  These have included bedrock and superficial geology records, to create visually compelling and meaningful strata cross-sections, disparate regional datasets needed to identify sites with specific attributes that fulfil policy requirements for prospective landfill locations, large groundwater resource assessments, groundwater license and monitoring datasets for large miners, and land and groundwater contamination projects.   We have employed GIS in landuse risk assessments to identify at-risk and high ecological value land to target mitigation and offset strategies.  GIS tools have included MapInfo Professional and QGIS based on our Clients’ requirements.  We have also used the Voxler software for 3d-4d (i.e. x/y/z & c) visualisation of data, and animation techniques for 5d  (i.e. time) representations.

Our clients have included BHP, Coogee Chemicals, DoW/ DWER, WMC, and Alcoa et. al.

Please find below some example studies.

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BHP BILLITON IRON ORE PTY LTD: GIS, Contaminated sites audit

WA DEP: GIS study, siting of a Class 4 landfill for Perth
BHP BILLITON IRON ORE PTY LTD: Stormwater Run-Off Models

BHP BILLITON IRON ORE PTY LTD: Review of Bore Licensing Requirements

Major Iron Ore Miner: Location of an Alternative Water Supply for an existing Railcamp

Nickel miner: GIS study; groundwater & surface water monitoring rationalisation

Chemical manufacturer: Review of groundwater remedial strategy

GIS Projects HydroSolutions