Modelling Services – HydroSolutions

Modelling Services – HydroSolutions

3D geoscience modelling has evolved in recent years with the exponential increases in computing power, sophistication of numerical models, and rapid accumulation of data that would have overloaded traditional assessment methods. The scope of Modelling Services – HydroSolutions offers is described below.

Quantifying your risks and uncertainties with known scientific data is one of the most authoritative and persuasive management tools. 

You will need access to the best, up-to-date technology and specialists who understand your goals, who can clearly communicate the benefits & options, who are pragmatic and are not fixated on the technical work. We do however use up to date Parameter Estimation  (PEST) techniques to calibrate our models against historical data to provide assurance in predictive outcomes. We undertake Uncertainty Analysis to assess the level of remaining uncertainty in the model predictions.  We have also undertaken stochastic modelling to assess random probability distributions with statistical analysis; for example in assessing the influence of climate change.

Fundamentally, we work closely with our clients to ensure that meaningful scenarios are developed that can be effectively communicated.  

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  • Reduce your risks & potential future costs for high stakes resource exploration.
  • Minimise your recovery times & financial losses for groundwater remediation
  • Large licences in sensitive groundwater areas are likely to require an H3 (numerical) assessment by the Department of Water and Environmental Regulation (DWER).

  • We will not waste your money and time. Modelling is often time intensive & costly. We do not recommend more work than necessary to achieve your goals.
  • We apply the latest multi-parameter technology,and our in-house GIS specialists produce professional quality graphical output.
  • We will consult with you to produce meaningful results for the real world, not simply numbers.
  • We are experienced and pragmatic, and are focussed on outcomes.


Modelling Services – HydroSolutions