Risk Assessment Projects – HydroSolutions

Risk Assessment Projects – HydroSolutions

HydroSolutions has undertaken qualitative, fully quantitative, probabilistic, human health and ecological risk assessment projects in a wide variety of settings.  These have included contaminated site assessments to determine the need for and required scope of remedial management, the proposed redevelopment of putrescible landfill sites, industrial waste management facilities, and assessments of risk from contaminant migration in solution in groundwater affecting bore users and surface water ecological features.

Our Principal Stuart Jeffries, has presented papers on the application of risk assessment techniques in groundwater studies. 

We are able to undertake Human Health Risk Assessments consistent with the requirements of the Contaminated Sites NEPM, to assess the risk to exposed human populations arising from the presence of hazardous chemicals in groundwater, surface water, soil, dust, and vapours.

Please find below some examples of projects that we have undertaken which incorporate risk assessment studies. Click to review the key details …

ALCOA (Australia): Groundwater Risk Assessment, development of Groundwater Management Plan
Department of Defence:Groundwater Risk Assessment, NC Harold Holt, Northwest Cape
PRIVATE DEVELOPER: Health Risk Assessment, proposed residential development of a landfill site
SHELL:Qualitative risk assessment, oil storage depots
THAMES WATER UTILITIES: Quantitative Risk Assessment, 70Ml/d groundwater PWS
WMC Resources: Risk Assessment, operation of hypersaline borefield
Metal Refinery:Ecological risk assessment of metal plume

Risk Assessment Projects - HydroSolutions