Surface Water Services HydroSolutions

Surface Water Services HydroSolutions

Surface Water Services HydroSolutions. Our surface water expertise compliments our groundwater capabilities, covering the full water cycle.  Water is now more important than ever before in maintaining a liveable urban environment, in supplying industrial,  mining and agricultural operations, and meeting sustainable ecological needs.  WA’s vastness, spanning the tropical north, arid interior and Mediterranean south is both highly variable and subject to the pressures of a rapidly changing/ drying climate, characterised by reduced rainfall and run off, with higher temperatures and evaporative demand.

HydroSolutions provides practical surface water solutions to mining, industry, agriculture, and for urban land development.

Perth’s new water vision is to become a world leader among water-sensitive cities as it approaches a future of 3.5 million people; this will require innovation & technical excellence.

  • Water is our core business: we understand its importance in supporting sustainable mining, industrial and agricultural needs, in providing a liveable urban development and in meeting natural ecological requirements for the future.
  • We provide surface water & groundwater expertise within the same team of specialists.
  • We innovate to create superior, sustainable solutions for everyday projects.